Alumni network is one of the most vital components of Koç University Graduate School of Business with its members working in various top positions in the country and around the globe. Whether you’re looking to connect with fellow alumni, engage in lifelong learning, share a story of your success, or explore ways to give back, we encourage you to be in touch.

Koç University Alumni Relations Office was founded in March 2010. There are 11,841 alumni of Koç University and there are 2 staff members employed in the Alumni Relations Office. As of 2014-2015, GSB has a total of 1,657 alumni. Of these 662 are MBA alumni and 779 are Executive MBA alumni.

Number of Alumni  
GSB 1657
MBA 662
EMBA 779
MSc in Finance 118
MIM 87
PhD 5

Activities and Services of the Alumni Relations Office are:

  • Managing the Alumni Database
  • Preparing and sending an Alumni e-Newsletter
  • Managing Social Media/ LinkedIn
  • Managing the alumni website
  • Issuing Alumni ID cards
  • Conducting surveys and focus group studies


  • Alumni Career Panels
  • Back to School Events (i.e. Department, Faculty, Institute gatherings)
  • Interdisciplinary Seminars with the Academicians
  • Networking Events, Social Gatherings and Reunion (in cooperation with the Alumni Association)


  • Alumni Fundraising Programme
  • Alumni Mentorship Platform
  • Class Agents Programme (Department, Faculty and Year Representatives)
  • Alumni Corporate Representatives
  • Local Alumni Liaisons
  • ALM 101- Alumni Orientation

MBA and Executive MBA specific alumni services provided by Graduate School of Business:

  • Koç University GSB Alumni Networking Events
  • Seminars with GSB Academicians
  • Networking events with current EMBA class and alumni
  • GNAM alumni events in different cities around the world, including Istanbul

Alumni take active part in information sessions and orientations by sharing their experiences about the programme and answering programme related questions with candidates in information sessions and with new coming students in orientations.