Alumni Testimonials

Nazım Yaprak EMBA '11
Finance Coordinator
TAV Airports Holdings Co.

I have been working at TAV Airports Holding; a pioneering, leading company in the aviation sector which is among the major players in the world today. Koç University is an institution similar to TAV Airports; with a reputation as one of the top universities around the world. My intention in attending Koç Executive MBA Program was to expand my knowledge, broaden my perspective, and improve my position. I believe that this program provided me with a rich variety of academic and social contacts, allowing participants to learn from each other. During the Program, not a week has gone by without contributing to our personal development. Each project assigned by the professors has developed the teams' abilities and knowledge. Being a part of this community is obviously the right choice, as it has been a pivotal and life changing step in my career path.

Oğuz Taner Okutan EMBA '10
Affluent and Mass Affluent Segment Manager

Since the Executive MBA Program of Koç University offers the chance to access diverse range of experiences from various industries and the theoretical framework aiming to explain and solve the deficiencies of today's business life, it suits my expectations well. Moreover, the idea of being in an environment that facilitates self-development and getting the opportunity to have strong ties with an exceptional network of people both from academic and business life energizes me. The Koç University Graduate School of Business has been the right place for me to exchange my experiences and leverage my intellectual capital.

Emrah Erçen EMBA '10
Assistant General Manager
Çimtaş Piping Industries Ltd. Co.

The former long years of expatriate executive position in China has given me tremendous on-the-job training opportunities to acquire management skills. However, I was still feeling the need to learn about the academic basis of leadership to solidify, diversify, crosscheck, and improve upon my existing and acquired management toolbox.

By attending the Koç Executive MBA, I was also seeking to attain a better understanding of decision-making, conflict resolution, and strategy building perspectives of exemplary leaders. I feel that Koç Executive MBA Program assists me in strengthening my skills and knowledge in these areas.

Pınar Ercan Tursun EMBA '06
Commercial Vehicles Brand Manager
Ford Motor Company

It is my belief that a business program for executives should couple theory with its practical applications. Koç Graduate School of Business simulates today's business environment. It heightened my awareness of an executive's responsibilities and allowed me to oversee numerous operations of an organization and ensure its success with a stray foresight.

Itır Eraslan Gönç EMBA '09
Category Brand Manager
Nike Turkey

This program equipped me not only with the broad knowledge gained through the high quality classes but also with the necessary managerial skills to take my career to the next level. If I could take the time back, I would not have any second thoughts about changing my game with a step to the Koç Executive MBA Program.

Özgür Burak Akkol EMBA '11
System Development and HR Coordinator
Koç Holding A.Ş.

I'm really proud to be part of the Koç University community because the brand is so prestigious and well-respected. Koç's broad curriculum gives the ability which enables to look at the picture from different perspectives. This ability provides me to define, analyze and solve the problems in a systematic way. With the help and support of all academicians and my classmates, I strongly believe that I distinguish in business environment among highly capable peers. Broader community is another advantage of Koç Executive MBA Program. People who took place in the program are highly qualified and informed. Relationships among the participants are very strong. After a few years, if I need anything related to work or different areas, I know I can turn to the Koç University network.