Alumni Testimonials

Didem Özkalp Tamer MSc in Finance ’09
T.C. İş Bankası


I chose this program because I believe in education at Koç University. While I was searching a finance program, I saw MSc in Finance program at Koç. Then, it did not take me long to make a decision.


I learned the subjects that I was not familiar with and definitely wanted to know. I was thinking that it was hard to endure lessons after a working-day, but we extended the lessons voluntarily on some days.

I met special people through this program. I have to say that being a member of Koç family is a privilege.

I am sure you will find all the things you are looking for but only if you lay special emphasis on study and research. Thus, make yourself ready for this program.

Şahika Balbay MSc in Finance ’10
Credit Assessment Officer
Volkswagen Doğuş Finance


I wanted to obtain a master degree in finance from one of the leading finance schools in Turkey. To make a healthy decision in choosing the best school for my future, I contacted MSc in Finance alumni, consulted experienced financiers and finally set Koç University on the top of my list. MSc in Finance program at Koç University met my needs with its up-to-date curriculum and faculty members who have impressive backgrounds and close relations with the finance sector. Courses and in-class discussions made significant contributions to my career decisions and to my level of perception regarding economic and financial affairs.


Alper Özsoy MSc in Finance ’09
Team Leader VP
Global Subsidiaries Group
Citibank Turkey


The material that I learned in the MSc in Finance Program definitely provided me additional benefit in my career as a banker; we learned about financial instruments that are very new to Turkish markets and I am sure this know-how will be one of our privileges in the future of financial system in emerging markets.


Especially latest financial crisis has proven how prudent we should be with regards to new financial structures and products, their benefit and risks. This program gives everyone a deep understanding of risk and return measurements, investment opportunities/techniques and I recommend it to everyone who wants to be prepared for the new era in finance.

Özge Vidinli MSc in Finance ’10
Finance Manager


The reason why I aimed at having a master degree was to increase my skills by uniting the work experience I had up until now with the theory going into depth of the subject matter. I chose Finance because I think I find all math, economics and “sine qua non” of business life within it. The reason why I preferred Koç was that it was the most enriched program in its area that would allow me to further excel in the fields of Corporate Finance, Valuation and Financial Modeling with the courses and the design of the program it offered.


Buket Uluocak Aytekin MSc in Finance ’09
Senior Dealer
Treasury Marketing Unit
Yapı Kredi


After having 5 years of work experience, I attended the MSc in Finance Program. The program has filled all requirements about building up the skills in my professional life.


In addition, thanks to the program we had a chance to meet very valuable professors who gave us a deep and wide perspective for the rest of our lives. I can advise every candidate who wants to enhance herself in finance to attend the MSc in Finance program.

Özgür Sungu MSc in Finance ’11
Senior Portfolio Mananger
İş Asset Management


After 4 years of asset management experience, I decided to pursue a program that specializes in Finance to train myself in specific areas of my profession. MSc in Finance Program at Koç University became my first choice in Turkey thanks to the extensive experiences of the faculty members and worldwide recognition of CFA institute program partnership. Rich course list combines rigorous academic core with practical applications and provides the most efficient academic experience for students who aim deeper understanding of quantitative methods and strong managerial decision-making ability. Achievement of the right balance between theory and practice provides an invaluable expertise for a successful career in this demanding profession.


Selim Başkonyalı, MSc in Finance ‘13

Business Development Manager

Çelebi Aviation Holding

As a graduate of both Koç High school and Koç University Economics degree, I was confident about the quality of education I was about to get before I applied to KU Masters in Finance Program.  However, what primarily drew me to the program were the courses offered and the CV’s of the lecturers involved.

The program also gave me a freedom to choose from a variety of elective courses and tailor the degree in the best way to suit my career direction. The materials covered most of the CFA exam topics that ensured a satisfactory grade. 

I benefited highly from the program that offered specific knowledge of subjects like Corporate Finance, Financial Modelling and Valuation techniques. As a business development manager, It was priceless to get guidance from lecturers on real-life cases. 

Last but not least, the short module that I attended at London School of Economic as a part of MSc in Finance Program was great hands on experience and a chance to see how the sector operates.