Career Management

The Koç University Executive MBA Program supports its students’ leadership skills. Koç University aims to provide the most effective leadership and self-awareness training in cooperation with leading training companies and its fulltime coaching faculty member.

Leadership development and career coaching for the Koç University Executive MBA Community seeks to understand students’ expectations regarding career management which will guide the following stages of the process. An in-depth look at the students’ past experiences, abilities, skills, interests, personal style, values and goals will assist the career coaching. The program consists of psychometrics assesments, group coaching, individual and group reflection writing. The objective of the overall process is to provide Koç Executive MBA students with all the fundamental professional guidance in the management of their careers.

Leaders Forum, a seminar series with the participation of the leaders of business world are held in an interview format.

Oral and written presentation skill workshops are held in order to enhance these skills that are highly significant for managerial positions.

International Study Trip is organized within the scope of International Business Course. Study Trips to Prominent Business Schools all over the world are held; the program of study trips includes lectures, company visits and cultural activities.