CEMS Alumni Network

The CEMS alumni network has grown to close to 9,000 members, and continues to grow at an accelerated rate as more and more students graduate from one of the world's top business management schools.

You may see the CEMS MIM experiences of some alumni below:

Melis Zıpkınkurt KOÇ CEMS Student Board Representative
Koç University
Business Administration & Economics ’09


KOÇ CEMS MIM is a wonderful opportunity for new graduates who would like to have a good start in their international management careers. KOÇ CEMS MIM gives the chance to work with people from top academic institutions and global companies from all over the world. Although it is a demanding program, expanding my knowledge and managerial skills while working with people from different countries, and building networks across borders make this challenge worthwhile!


Kıvanç Toksavul Sabancı University
Manufacturing Systems & Industrial Engineering ’10


As a current graduate student at such a prestigious and globally recognized master program, I believe that studying at KOÇ CEMS MIM at Koç University is one of the best things I have done in my life. With the rich content that KOÇ CEMS MIM presents to us, I feel much more confident and ready to work as a well-equipped manager in my professional life.I am very proud of being part of such an exclusive, highly selective, and competitive environment.


Ege Karayel KOÇ CEMS Club Turkey Founder President
İstanbul Technical University
Control Engineering ’10


As a person who has an engineering background, adapting to KOÇ CEMS MIM program was not as difficult as I had thought. KOÇ CEMS MIM is more than a top-ranked Master in International Management Program. It provides a friendly and professional environment. Through the program, we improve our management skills while expanding our international professional network. CEMS enables us to raise our awareness of multiculturalism and internationalism. Moreover, KOÇ CEMS MIM gives the opportunity to study at one of the best business schools abroad for one semester. At KOÇ CEMS MIM, there is not a possibility of a failure for an ambitious student after graduation. Attending KOÇ CEMS MIM is definitely one of the best decisions I have made so far.