Learning Standards

The MBA program is application oriented. While learning the theory, through widely used case studies and simulations, students study how to put what they have learned into practice. Each class hosts executive guest speakers for students to learn from their experience.
The small group size of the program leads to more interactive learning. Students are always working on teams and the teams are changed four times throughout the program so the students will have the experience of working with a variety of backgrounds.
During the network weeks, company visits are arranged and top executives are visited.

Nature and Design

For MBA, minimum 3 years of full time work experienced is required.

MBA Average prior experience for the current and previous two cohorts:

Year Average Work Experience
2016 5,4
2015 4,7
2014 3,6
2013 3,1

Koç MBA Programme achieves interactive Learning Environment through the use of Case Studies-50 cases approximately (Harvard, Kellogg, Darden, INSEAD, Koç), Simulation (Markstrat, Harvard Global Supply Chain Management, Cornell Simulation Game) and Project Assignment (Strategy Audit, Marketing Audit, Business Plan)

Activities such as Leadership & Management Development Programme, coaching and guest speaker series. These programs support MBA students in developing leadership and management skills so that they can contribute to their organizations in strategic level.

  • Rigorous theoretical and analytical perspective
  • Applied orientation to advance multi-functional expertise
  • Strategic and responsible management
  • International focus
  • Professional managerial skills: communication, interpersonal skills, leadership development
  • Each student needs to complete 50 credits to earn the MBA degree
  • Core Courses

9 core courses of 3 credits and 2 core courses of 1,5 credits

  • Elective Courses

Modular MBA: 6 or more elective courses (3 credits each)

Curriculum content


Koç University MBA programme provides a comprehensive business education involving a rigorous and innovative curriculum taught by world class faculty. It is designed to include the best features of MBA programmes offered at major universities worldwide. The language of instruction is English.

Graduation Requirements
To graduate from the MBA programme, a student must successfully fulfill the following:

  • Complete 50 credits
  • Have a minimum of 3.00 GPA by the end of the academic year
  • Submit a graduation project to Turkish Higher Education Council (YÖK)