GNAM - YALE SOM Collaboration

Koç University Graduate School of Business is the only business school that is a member of the Global Network for Advanced Management from Turkey. GNAM is a leading organization setting the future of MBA throughout the World. In a flatter world characterized by rugged and diverse terrain, the Global Network for Advanced Management is an innovative approach to enable those involved to connect and address the leadership challenges facing business and society. The new Global Network for Advance Management fosters substantive ties among leading business schools from both economically strong countries and those on the horizon of economic development, providing opportunities for faculty to exchange ideas, collaborate on research, co-create cases and course materials, and for students to experience the complexity that will characterize any environment in which they will lead. Global Network Immersion Weeks Koç University EMBA students are eligible and promising candidates for the Master of Advanced Management (MAM) program at the Yale School of Management that assembles a cohort of exceptional students from countries around the world for a one-year program of study at Yale University. By bringing together the most promising management students from all parts of the globe to exchange ideas and points of view, while leveraging the resources of Yale University, the program provides a unique opportunity for future leaders to expand their understanding of the complexities that have developed in the contemporary global market economy. Students in the MAM program will form close ties with Yale MBA students, as well as Yale faculty and visiting lecturers and practitioners from corporate and enterprise partners. MAM students will have access to Yale SOM networks and resources, such as the school’s Career Development Office. For more information on the Master of Advanced Management at the Yale School of Management, please visit To learn more about the Global Network for Advanced Management please visit