Program Overview

Since its founding in 2009, KOÇ Master's in International Management (KOÇ MIM) has been developing a learning model based upon Koç University Graduate School of Business's strong identity and core values: Leadership, Responsibility and Vision.

KOÇ Master of Science in International Management provides students with the competencies they need for becoming successful leaders in the global business world.

The main components of the program are;

  • Block Seminar

Koç University MIM students start their international management degree with a one-week, intensive seminar called Block Seminar. Block Seminars are academically and culturally intensive, and the experience is the ideal starting point into the program.

The Block Seminar of the 2013/14 Academic Year was on "Innovation and Entrepreneurship".

  • Skill Seminars

Thoughout the MIM year, students are offered seminars which aim to train its participants on specific practical skills. They are essential to start in an effective professional career and fundamental to adjusting easily to an international management environment.

A few seminar topics from previous years include, "Doing Business in China", "Six Sigma and Applications", "Diversity Management", "Digital Marketing" etc.

  • Business Projects

Business Projects are at the heart of MIM Program's goal of linking theory and practice. Each Spring term, MIM students are offered a number of real-life projects where they get to spend at least 1 day at a company and work on an actual project. This provides an invaluable opportuinty as students are exposed to real-life business situations thereby gaining insight into management best practices and learn key practical skills required to function effectively in corporate world.

Business Project offering companies include, PERA, Sportone, PriceWaterhouse Coopers, Arçelik, Yapı Kredi, Google, Vodafone etc.

  • Business Academy

Business Academy aims to foster a dialogue between the Leaders of Today with the Leaders of Tomorrow. This includes to visits to the CEOs, CFOs and other Executive Level leaders of various companies, such as Henkel, ABB, Akbank, Nesté etc.