Koç University MBA program was founded in 1993 to provide a comprehensive business education involving a rigorous and innovative curriculum taught by world-class faculty. The language of instruction is English.

Modular MBA is a 24-month part-time program. It allows executives to pursue a degree while continuing their professional lives. The program welcomes students living abroad with its modular system and provides a diverse student background for class interaction. Classes take place on a three-day module in one weekend (Friday, Saturday, and Sunday) each month.

Technology and Innovation Management Track under the Modular MBA program, allows students to gain an MBA degree enriched by courses influenced by the needs of the digital age. The Technology and Innovation Management track was launched in 2015. The aim of this track is to prepare today’s professionals to become tomorrow’s leaders in technology management. The curriculum is designed to equip the students with the required knowledge and administrative and interpersonal skills to become proficient managers of large-scale and complex technical projects, engineering operations, and organizations. The program provides a coherent framework, which highlights the topics of engineering and management such as Technology, Innovation and Management, Cloud Computing, Design Thinking, Project Management, Big Data & Data Analytics and Next Generation Engineering Technologies

Milestones of the MBA Program

1993: Launch of the MBA Program
2009: EQUIS Accreditation
2012: Joined Global Network of Advanced Management

2012: EQUIS Re-Accreditation
2013: Launch of Modular MBA Program
2014: Joined Partnership in International Management (PIM)
2015: Launch of Technology and Innovation Management Track under the Modular MBA Program

2016: AMBA Accreditation

2017: EQUIS Re-Accreditation