In the third week of April 2021, the regional event Marenostrum was hosted by CEMS Club Istanbul on behalf of Koç University Graduate School of Business. In three days, over 80 CEMSies from 21 different CEMS Universities and 28 different nationalities came together to discuss “Sustainability as a Strategy” from many perspectives during the skill seminars and workshops with Corporate Partners (Arçelik, Metro Türkiye, BCG), Koç University Social Impact Forum (KUSIF) and CEMS Alumni.

Following the expansive interest from consumers, students and regulators; strategic approaches to sustainability are increasingly becoming a necessity for companies to effectively account for risks and remain agile. When the Marenostrum team was set and organized, they were very much aware of the importance and the necessity of protecting the present and saving the future, especially during current times of undergoing the pandemic. After designing an outline and structure of the seminars, the team has reached out to Corporate Partners to be able to shine a light on the importance of sustainability from a variety of its environmental, economic and social aspects. Once the schedule was finalized and all seminar topics were set in cooperation with the Corporate Partners, the team was focused on marketing this forum via using multiple platforms such as Instagram and Linkedin to reach out to as many CEMSies as possible. The team shot a marketing video in Istanbul, in which the topic and the schedule were explained. Followingly, the team opened the applications to all global CEMS students with a focus on asking applicants what Sustainability means to them and how they interpret it.

Originally planned as a physical event taking place in Istanbul, Marenostrum was postponed by a year and took place as a virtual event and gathering. Corporate Partners organized interactive seminars ranging from case studies on product development and sustainable corporate governance to social impact measurement, human-centered design and sustainability in personal energy and leadership development. During the lunch breaks, students could use the time to discuss the seminars and to get to know each other.

The event was exceptionally well received, which rewarded the organizing team that had been working tirelessly for a smooth course of sessions. After the event, a feedback form was initiated in which students had the possibility to provide possible improvements. The first respondents of the feedback form will be invited to take part in a cooking workshop centered around sustainability.

You can find more information on the official webpage of Marenostrum or you can follow the Instagram and Linkedin accounts to get more news about the event.

Main Organizers: Damla Yalcin and Lea Gamsjager assisted by the CEMS Club Istanbul.