The CEMS alumni network has grown to close to 12,000 members, and continues to grow at an accelerated rate as more and more students graduate from one of the world’s top business management schools.

You may see the CEMS MIM experiences of some alumni below:

Aslı Çırağan,  CEMS Club İstanbul President/ Spring 2016

In September 2015, I started CEMS Master of Science International Management Program in Koç University of Istanbul. I studied one semester in ESADE Barcelona and one semester  in University of St. Gallen. Both semesters were incredible experiences for me. From day one, I was able to feel the presence of the international business network  I stepped into and the opputunities it will be offereing me. Throughout the program I visited more than 5 countries due to Regional Conferences and Career Fairs, met hunderds of highly ambitous “world citizens” striving for making an impact. More than this program was a master, it was a business experience with endless crosscultural-teamworks, opening doors to many more of them. Still, I have to say CEMS is not the easiest life. All the best-friends you made during the program possibly will be studying in Canada, doing their exchange term in Chile next semester, volunteering in Brazil for the summer, interning in Switzerland in the fall and you will be wondering what are the odds you can be all together in Sydney for the graduation party.

Serhat Asma, KOÇ CEMS MIM Student 2015-16

Imagine you list the cities you want to visit and it turns out that you go two the top two cities you wanted. And not only that you visit there but also you live there as a local! That’s how I can summarize my CEMS life.

My first destination was Tokyo for my semester abroad at Keio University, which happens to be one of the most prestigious universities in Asia. Tokyo is a unique and interesting city with a society in harmony, but with different and colorful individuals. My main motive for choosing Tokyo was to widen my horizon more, since I wasn’t much familiar with Asian cultures before. However, after my stay, I liked there so much that I considered staying in Tokyo for lifetime. It was the most alive and crowded city I’ve been to, yet it was the safest and cleanest. One of the Cemsies from Keio summarized Tokyo really simply: It’s a city of contrasts. You walk out the train station; it is extremely crowded. Then, you walk away for 5 minutes, and it is peaceful than any other city. You see people in kimono and it feels very traditional. But you also go across the Shibuya crossing with huge screens and speakers that makes you feel like you’re in 2027. Every corner you see a different thing. Every day you experience a new thing. And that helped me to get a lot of vision. Through these experiences, I got so into Japanese culture that I started learning Japanese, which I still pursue.

Then, for my internship abroad I lived in Bangkok for three months, which I found the job position through our CEMS community. It is definitely a unique culture with nicest people. I had the opportunity to attend several festivals such as Loy Krathong where you leave flower-ornamented candles to the lake. These activities inspired me in many ways. I had other colleagues in Bangkok that were from CEMS as well and that was the time I realized how CEMS is a global community and the members are indeed all around the world.

And next step… I am planning to move to Australia for my first full-time job. I’ve always longed for a city with nice beaches and Sydney is one of the first ones that come to minds. Also guess what, the CEMS graduation ceremony will be in Sydney this year and I would be more than glad to welcome my colleagues from all around the world to Sydney!

The best thing, maybe, is you experience all these great adventures when you are accomplishing your master’s at the greatest colleges with great academicians or doing your internship in a great company with multinational teams!

I wish you follow your dreams as well and I hope that includes CEMS in your life!

 Melis Zıpkınkurt, KOÇ CEMS Student Board Representative

KOÇ CEMS MIM is a wonderful opportunity for new graduates who would like to have a good start in their international management careers. KOÇ CEMS MIM gives the chance to work with people from top academic institutions and global companies from all over the world. Although it is a demanding program, expanding my knowledge and managerial skills while working with people from different countries, and building networks across borders make this challenge worthwhile!

 Ege Karayel, KOÇ CEMS Club Türkiye Founder President

Impact Digiworks, Managing Partner

As a person who has an engineering background, adapting to KOÇ CEMS MIM program was not as difficult as I had thought. KOÇ CEMS MIM is more than a top-ranked Master in International Management Program. It provides a friendly and professional environment. Through the program, we improve our management skills while expanding our international professional network. CEMS enables us to raise our awareness of multiculturalism and internationalism. Moreover, KOÇ CEMS MIM gives the opportunity to study at one of the best business schools abroad for one semester. At KOÇ CEMS MIM, there is not a possibility of a failure for an ambitious student after graduation. Attending KOÇ CEMS MIM is definitely one of the best decisions I have made so far.