Koç University MBA program provides a comprehensive business education involving a rigorous and innovative curriculum taught by world class faculty. It is designed to include the best features of MBA programs offered at major universities worldwide. The language of instruction is English and the program is a non-thesis program.

Koç MBA Program has an interactive learning environment with the use of approximately 50 cases (Harvard, Kellogg, Darden, INSEAD, Koç), simulations and project assignments. Leadership & Management Development Program, group coaching and guest speaker series also support MBA students in developing leadership and management skills.

Each student needs to complete 50 credits to earn the MBA degree and have minimum 3.00 GPA

  • Core Courses

9 core courses of 3 credits and, 2 core courses of 1.5 credits

  • Elective Courses

MBA: 4 or more elective courses (Min Total: 12 credits)

Professional Managerial Skills

  • Leadership and Management Development Program Skill Seminar (1 credit)

Leadership and Management Development Program Skill Seminar is an extra-curricular program aiming to develop the managerial competencies of students. LMDP consists of integrative learning experiences outside of the traditional classroom setting. The main tracks of the Leadership and Management Development Program are: developing managerial skills, developing communication skills, career planning, career sessions, guest speaker series. Students are required to participate in a minimum number of activities to be able to get an S grade. In addition to the mandatory activities, students can choose from among a set of workshops and guest speakers in order to fulfill the requirements. In order to pass LMDP Skill Seminar, students are required to attend minimum one skill seminar.

  • Group Coaching (Optional):  Coaching program for GSB students consists of monthly sessions and the program is completed after nine sessions. Each session takes 3 hours.

YÖK Graduation Project (1 credit)

Orientation/Team Work (0 Credit)

Speeding up the orientation process of graduate program students; enabling the use of communication skills through teamwork; improving independence and communication, creating common goals, creating the fundamentals of an environment of trust and making it long-lasting; increasing productivity and efficiency

Applied Business Project  (6 credits)

Business Project is an important element of the Koç MBA curriculum during the spring semester. Business Projects are consultancy-like projects designed as a real life learning experience. The student teams solve a company’s real business problem, while training for process management, result orientation and team building. Students are offered the opportunity to gain insight into business life, to train their analysis and problem solving skills, to apply research methods, to transfer theoretical knowledge to practicalities, to learn process management and to gain social skills and competency. Furthermore, they can get to know potential employers, gain knowledge about different industries and redefine their professional goals.