Albert Krespin MBA ‘98
Head of Equities Türkiye
CEO, Deutsche Securities Menkul Değerler A.Ş.


With 15 years into my career, I realise more and more how profound an impact the Koç MBA program had made on me. Not only did it give me a brand new career, transforming me from an engineer into a well-equipped finance professional, but it also embedded skills in me; diligence, insistence on delivering the best, self motivation and ability to cope with uncertainty. It gave me the tools and taught me the skills to work in an international environment. I more recently started to discover the skills the program gave me in people management. I can comfortably say, Koç MBA program, to date, has been the most influential device shaping my career.

I was lucky to have privilege to monitor the program’s progress over the years after my graduation. Thanks to my role in the Koç Alumni Association, I remained in the close circles touching base with the university on a constant basis. I pleasantly observed that the quality and depth of the MBA program have improved significantly over time. The students now have more international exposure, better access to corporate circles and hence improved networking potential with professional life.

Last but not least, I have recruited and eventually employed many Koç MBA graduates over these years. In their local and international roles, I am proud that no single one among these young graduates has disappointed me or their subsequent employers in the finance industry. I am also proud to say that some these young talents are already among the leaders shaping the future of the finance industry in Türkiye.

Kemal Özışıkçılar MBA ‘00
Country Manager Türkiye, Middle East, Israel and Caucasus Countries
Systems 4 Recycling LTD


The most important thing I learned in the MBA program was working in teams and building consensus on how to come to decisions to build a project. The importance of soliciting and utilizing others’ opinions cannot be overemphasized and it contributes to an individual’s success as well as an organization’s success directly. This was something that I learned at Koç University and have utilized in every endeavor since then.

I challenge any young professional considering a graduate business degree to view all aspects of the program, not just starting salaries and job offers. The full-time degree is a lifetime, life-changing experience that should be well-rounded. Once you do that, you will see that Koç University Graduate School of Business stands in the top tier.

Deniz Kerem Sargut MBA ’11
Supervising Associate
Ernst & Young


The benefits of the Koç MBA program are pretty simple to point out. First, Koç University provides us with numerous extras that helped me find a good job after graduating such as career services, coaching and skill seminars. Koç University also presents its students the opportunity to attend lectures of leading managers from various multinational companies and a very strong alumni network. Second, Koç MBA curriculum is cutting-edge and innovative. I really appreciate the presence of strong and well recognized professors who are known in the international arena.

Koç MBA program helps me to further orient myself. The coaching sessions, professors’ willingness to help and the existence of the highly developed Koç University network are very helpful.

Murat Ülgen, PhD MBA ’97
Chief Economist
HSBC London


Koç MBA has equipped me with necessary knowledge and skills to run an international business, hence it has been clearly an inflection point in my career. Today, I am managing a group of regional economists from İstanbul with expanded responsibilities. Moreover, it is also a great honor for me to return to the business school as a visiting instructor, lecturing managerial economics class for MBA students. In a way, Koç MBA is an integral part of my life and it continually helps me advance my business and academic career.