The primary objective of the Ph.D. in Business Administration program is preparing students for academic careers as influential researchers in leading business schools. Accordingly, the first two years will include course work with a first year summer paper. Upon the completion of the course work, students complete the qualifying requirement of their specialization.  In  marketing, students are required to write a conceptual paper. In operations and information systems, as well as in quantitative methods students are required to pass a qualifying exam.  Once this requirement is fulfilled, the student moves to candidacy. A thesis must be submitted and defended to the Graduate School before a student can graduate. Most students complete the program in four to five years.

All students are expected to take the core courses in Microeconomics, Research Methodology, and Quantitative Methods. Depending on the track, these courses can be taken from other departments (e.g., psychology, economics, engineering) at Koç University or at other universities approved by the Graduate School. Students who have limited or no knowledge in business area must also take some of the fundamental courses in the MBA program.

Students will participate in postgraduate seminars in each area of ​​expertise. All elective courses given at Koç University is open to doctoral students.

Students with a master’s degree (with thesis) are expected to take a minimum of 7 courses (21 credits) and students without a master’s degree are expected to take 14 courses (42 credits). Most students complete the program in four to five years. Details of the curriculum can be found .

Studens have the chance to go abroad for a research visit at a top business school for a semester. This visit is intended to strengthen the international profile of students by encouraging international research collobarations. Past destinations include Stanford, Tilburg, Maryland, Michigan, and UCLA.

Although teaching requirements are kept to a minimum to allow more time for developing research skills, it is also important to demonstrate effective teaching skills before students go on the academic job market. To this end, students who have moved to candidacy may be asked to teach an undergraduate course before their graduation.