Koç University aims to provide the most effective leadership and self-awareness trainings in cooperation with leading training companies, faculty and executives. There are several supplementary programs and courses designed for students to equip and build new skills that are necessarily needed in the business world.

Coaching for leadership program consists of assessments, coaching structures, essentials of both 1-1 and team coaching, real-time coaching practice and reflection writing assignments. The objective of the overall program is to provide Koç GSB students with all the fundamental professional guidance in the management of their careers. Program helps students improve their outlook on work and life, while improving their leadership skills and unlocking their potential. Program is held on monthly basis sessions spread over a period of 9 months. Each session takes 3 hours.  Participation to this program is voluntary.

Communication skill seminar is a two day long voluntary program which aims to improve public speech, presentation and persuasion skills of the participants. General target is to make business verbal communications more effective. This program concentrates on helping the participants on the following aspects:

*To understand what is meant by an effective presentation/verbal communication,

*To attain necessary skills on how to prepare such presentations,

*To get their messages across and create buy in,

*To make a positive impact on target audiences,

*To decide on different strategies on approaching different audiences,

*To overcome communication obstacles and difficult situations in those environments.

Teamwork and leadership course is held as a workshop which aims at building the skills for effective teamwork and leadership under complex situations with time and competitive pressures.  

Organizational teams are often fraught with challenges in effectively integrating diverse expertise of team members’ especially when their interests overlap only partially. This workshop focuses on the emergence of process losses in collaboration and on the best practices for preventing such losses. Participants will explore impediments to effective collaboration such as pressure for conformity and affective conflict, and discover leadership strategies for effectively dealing with such challenges. Participation to this voluntary workshop is highly encouraged.