Coaching for leadership program consists of assessments, coaching structures, essentials of both 1-1 and team coaching, real-time coaching practice and reflection writing assignments. The objective of the overall program is to provide Koç GSB students with all the fundamental professional guidance in the management of their careers. Program helps students improve their outlook on work and life, while improving their leadership skills and unlocking their potential. Program is held on monthly basis sessions spread over a period of 9 months. Each session takes 3 hours.  Participation to this program is voluntary.

Career Services

The Koç University Career Development Center aims to assist the students and alumni of the university in exploring career options, preparing for opportunities and using the university’s extensive and dynamic network to establish the necessary connections for them to make informed and fulfilling career choices.

Career Development Center helps students and alumni explore the links between their majors and their career choices, actively participates in search for employment opportunities through intelligent analysis and preparation, and assesses the fit between prospective jobs and long term career plans. The center works by both an appointment and a walk in system.

KU Career Development Center offers career services both for undergraduate and graduate students.

  • On-Campus Recruitment Days
  • KUcareerlink
  • Self-assessment and career exploration
  • Careerleader and NEO PI inventory used in the scope of career coaching
  • Information on different career fields and industries
  • CV and cover letter writing workshops
  • Job listings
  • Mock interviews

Students can also receive career consulting from Koç University’s Career Development Center and use Online Koç University Company-Employer Database covering over 1500 companies for the purpose of job search.