MBA at Koç

The Koç MBA is a challenging, stimulating, and practical program. There is an outstanding curriculum, a world-class faculty and a strong opportunity for a large business network.

The Modular structure allows executives to pursue a degree program while continuing their professional lives. The program welcomes students living abroad with its modular system and provides a diverse student background for class interaction.The program takes 24 months to complete, however students have an option to complete it in 12 months. 

The MBA at Koç is a transforming experience.

The curriculum is carefully designed to address the needs of future leaders. Our curriculum provides leading-edge knowledge and skills necessary to analyze and implement functional and strategic decisions in the global setting.

Our faculty members are not only excellent teachers but also renowned researchers who contribute to the body of knowledge worldwide. Faculty members utilize a variety of approaches to deliver their leading-edge expertise.

We have close connections with the business community. The Graduate School of Business' ongoing relationships with the international business community and links with some of the most respected business schools in the world offer a wide range of educational and professional opportunities for our students.

Our students bring their experience in different organizations, their insights, their ambitions, their demonstrated capabilities, and their energy and effort to the program to become successful managers and leaders.

Our world-class facilities and state-of-the-art information technology provide an ideal environment to support your experience at Koç University. The emphasis on team work promotes productive interaction between faculty, staff, students, and alumni.

24 Modular MBA/ Technology and Innovation Management Track (Tech MBA) invites students to gain an MBA degree with outstanding curriculum enriched by courses influenced by the needs of the digital age.

The aim of this track is to prepare today’s engineering and business professionals to become tomorrow’s leaders in technology management.

The program provides a coherent framework which highlights the topics of engineering and management such as analytical decision-making, system design, financial analysis, team building and innovation management. The curriculum is designed to equip the students with the required knowledge and administrative and interpersonal skills to become proficient managers of large-scale and complex technical projects, engineering operations, and organizations. The program also offers a wide selection of courses for students who want to develop their managerial skills in particular areas of engineering and technology.