Zehra Ecem İnan,
CEMS MSc in International Management
Class of 2023

My time at Koç University Graduate School of Business was truly transformative, enabling me to reach my fullest potential through continuous self-development. The program provided me with world-class teaching, substantial international opportunities, and invaluable connections with individuals who have greatly enriched my journey. Being part of this community has been a privilege, as it allowed me to gain extensive hands-on experience both as an individual and as a team player, collaborating with peers from diverse backgrounds in a multinational environment. Furthermore, I acquired valuable leadership skills during my time as the President of CEMS Club Istanbul during the spring term. This position allowed me to immerse myself in a dynamic and cohesive network, fostering a sense of belonging and collaboration.
Throughout this transformative journey, I have emerged as a responsible leader with a clear vision for making a positive impact. I have honed my skills, expanded my knowledge, and cultivated a deep sense of responsibility towards society and the world at large. I am now equipped with the tools and mindset necessary to lead effectively and bring about meaningful change.

The CEMS MIM degree provided me with invaluable global experiences, paving the way for my journey to become an international leader. I consider it a privilege to have been part of a global alliance that fostered continuous learning, extending beyond lectures to include local and global seminars, forums, and social events. This exceptional opportunity allowed me to connect with bright individuals from around the world and collaborate on various challenges.
First and foremost, the CEMS curriculum provided me the ability to embrace different perspectives within our interconnected world. Recognizing the importance of considering global developments and their impact on the status quo is essential for aspiring international leaders. Through CEMS, I gained a comprehensive understanding of these interconnected dynamics. Secondly, CEMS significantly enhanced my adaptability and agility in the face of change. Relocating to another country and establishing a life there as a student presented its challenges. However, over time, I adapted to this new environment, thanks to the support of the CEMS community and the exciting opportunities it provided. Embracing change became empowering, and I learned to act swiftly and effectively when confronted with new circumstances. Thirdly, I had the privilege of engaging with remarkable individuals who possessed diverse experiences. Our enlightening conversations expanded my way of thinking and broadened my horizons. As I reflect on this transformative journey, I am confident that I have evolved into a socially responsible and culturally competent leader ready to contribute meaningfully to the world. The CEMS MIM degree has equipped me with the necessary skills, experiences, and mindset to navigate the global landscape and make a positive impact.

The memories of this remarkable experience in a diverse, multicultural environment will stay with me. I was inspired by the stories and experiences that motivated me to pursue my objectives. It was a combination of hard work and enjoyment. Notably, I formed lasting friendships with people from around the globe. Immersing myself in Barcelona’s vibrant culture was truly enriching. Moreover, the exceptional educational opportunities and social events offered by both Koç University Graduate School of Business and ESADE Business School left a lasting impression on me.

Süleyman Emre Kepece,
MSc in International Management
Class of 2023

My experience at Koç University Graduate School of Business has been nothing short of exceptional. Having completed my undergraduate education at Koç University as well, I had already developed a strong bond with the institution, its faculty members, and the people. The decision to pursue a 1-year master’s degree in International Management at Koç University was undoubtedly one of the best choices I made. The program was rigorous and intellectually stimulating, providing me with valuable knowledge and skills in the field of business. The faculty members were highly knowledgeable and experienced, always willing to go the extra mile to ensure our understanding and success. The collaborative and diverse learning environment enriched my educational journey, as I had the opportunity to engage with brilliant minds from various backgrounds and cultures. This not only expanded my perspectives but also enhanced my ability to work effectively in multicultural settings.

When reflecting on this journey, there are numerous moments and aspects that I will remember fondly. The strong camaraderie and friendships forged with my classmates will forever hold a special place in my heart. The shared experiences, collaborative projects, and late-night study sessions created a sense of community and support that made the journey memorable. The exposure to real-world business challenges through case studies, simulations, and guest lectures stands out as an invaluable aspect of the program. The practical nature of the curriculum ensured that we were well-prepared to tackle real-life scenarios and make a tangible impact in the business world.

Overall, my experience at Koç University Graduate School of Business has been transformative, both professionally and personally. The education I received, the connections I made, and the memories I formed have shaped me into a well-rounded business professional. I am grateful for the opportunities I had and the invaluable lessons learned during my time at Koç University, and I will carry the experiences and skills gained with me throughout my career and life.

Arda Demir,
Class of 2023

My experience at Koç University Graduate School of Business was truly transformative. The program provided me with a comprehensive understanding of business principles, strategic thinking, and leadership skills. The dynamic and diverse classroom environment, coupled with expert faculty, challenged me to think critically and broaden my perspectives.

Pursuing an MBA degree at Koç University brought about significant positive changes in my personal and professional life. It enhanced my problem-solving abilities, honed my analytical skills, and provided me with a solid foundation in business management. The program also facilitated networking opportunities with classmates.I have participated Behavioral Science of Management Course as part of Global Network Week at Yale School of Management. It was an inspirational experience for me. I had the chance to meet and connect with dynamic, diverse and smart people from across the globe. Moreover, the exposure to various business disciplines enabled me to approach challenges from a multidimensional perspective, making me a more well-rounded Professional.

The engaging discussions, group projects, and shared learning experiences created lifelong friendships and valuable connections within the business community. The guidance and mentorship provided by the esteemed faculty were invaluable. Their expertise and dedication to our success left a lasting impact on my academic and professional growth.

Hamza Ömer Say,
MSc in Finance
Class of 2023

My Masters in Finance was an engaging and fun-filled experience. Our professors, with their recognized private sector experience, made every class exciting and insightful. The mix of classmates, from various backgrounds and industries, added variety to our discussions and broadened our views. Even after exhausting workdays, I found myself eagerly anticipating school, drawn by the prospect of delving deeper into finance, advancing my career, and engaging in fulfilling social interactions with my peers.

Professionally, it paved the way for career advancement, positioning me to take on specialized roles within the finance industry. The degree expanded my professional network remarkably, connecting me with individuals across diverse sectors. On a personal level, the rigorous coursework and group projects cultivated a stronger resilience and fine-tuned my time management abilities. All in all, it’s been a transformative journey that has impacted both my professional trajectory and personal development.

I will cherish most the heartfelt conversations and laughter shared with classmates after long days of work and study, those moments that sowed the seeds of what I hope will blossom into lifelong friendships. The bonds we built, the shared dreams, and the mutual support we offered each other, are the emotional anchors that made this journey truly unforgettable.

İrem Can,
Executive MBA
Class of 2023

My experience at Koç University Graduate School of Business has been an exceptional journey of both personal and professional growth. The opportunity and the courage to return to school after two decades of work experience has reignited my passion for learning. The interactions with my classmates have enriched my knowledge, expanded my perspectives, and fostered lasting connections. I am confident that the skills and insights gained during my time at Koç University will continue to shape and enhance my professional trajectory for years to come.

Koç University GSB has fostered a vibrant learning environment that extends beyond the classroom. The exposure to diverse perspectives and experiences has broadened my view and helped me develop a more inclusive and empathetic approach to problem-solving. The degree added a valuable credential to my resume, demonstrating my commitment to continuous learning and professional development.

I will probably remember the sense of accomplishment as we moved through our long to-do list! From the first day of classes to completing challenging projects and assignments, each milestone brought a sense of satisfaction. The program has been very transformative; tasks were demanding and the process of balancing multiple responsibilities, managing time effectively, and pushing myself beyond my comfort zone has resulted in significant growth. I am grateful for all the development that this year at EMBA has activated.